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Old Witch Blinda on Smeltzburg Hill 

Her hands wore stones on witch’s rings.
She waved the air like two bat wings.

  Her fingers long.
  So green and stiff.
  The folks in town remember this.

    Blue ribbons flowed from her black hat.
    The folks in town remember that.

      Her purple dress.
      She stood so tall.
      It’s what some folks here most recall.

Her shark tooth earrings were a sight.
Her gold front tooth shone yellow bright.

  Green fingernails to match her eyes.
  She waved and grinned in bright blue skies.

    She wore old black heeled long blue boots.
    From head to toe a witch’s suit.

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... opening for
Betty Bomber
meets the Witch!!!!!

Betty Bomber wore
blue beads.
Blue beads are things that Betty needs.

  Blue beads she purchased by the box.
   She sewed blue beads on blue bead socks.

Blue beads were hooked within her hair.
She hooked and sewed beads everywhere.

But her blue beads . . .
not enough! 
She wanted
                           Betty was tough

She grabbed to
      More beads for her!!!!!!!!!!
            She grabbed . . .
                            She caused a stir.

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